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Rescuing Wendy (The Revelation Scene)

Leaping effortlessly up four stories and through the abandoned warehouse's window, Pan sees her tied to a chair in the corner of the room. With dim streaks of daylight acting as a guide, he walks slowly towards Wendy.
Peter!” she cries. ”It's a trap!”
Even before his accelerated speed allows him to untie the ropes which restrain her, a figure appears from the shadows. Pan steps backwards as the dark figure's semi-automatic weapon also reveals itself. The assailant has it pointed directly at Wendy's head. Three more mercenaries dressed in all black step forward, completing the offensive circle around Pan. As Pan scans the room, the man near Wendy breaks the silence. ”You've endangered this poor girl by bringing her to your world.”
Another speaks up. ”So this is the legendary Pan, the protector of the Heart? Thought you'd be taller. So you're able to defy gravity and dodge bullets huh? Let's see you dodge this!” 
Acting on his threat, the thug's machine gun is fired in Pan's direction. Utilizing his powerful instincts, time suddenly ceases to exist, causing the bullets to appear as if they are moving in slow motion. With the initiation of a controlled adrenaline, Pan leaps backwards as he simultaneously tosses a knife in the direction of the trigger happy mercenary. As the blade's plunge causes the man to drop his ammunition, a voice in the background yells. ”You idiot! We're ordered to take him alive!”
As Wendy cries uncontrollable, Pan turns to her to say, ”I'm sorry.” 
He then raises his hands in the air and exclaims. ”I surrender. Now let her go!”
The hired goon nearest Wendy responds. “You are in no position to make demands. Yes, we were ordered not to kill you...” Strengthening his grip on his gun and with a sly grin beginning to spread across his face, he concludes with,”...but nothing was said about not killing her!”
With shock and fear overwhelming the two captives, a ghost white complexion replaces their natural skin colour. And as Wendy closes her eyes in anticipation of her impending doom, a BANG sounds. But it is not the sound made from the firing of a semi-automatic weapon. The blast is attributed to the firing of a nine millimetre which is fortunately held by Pan's comrade in arms, Rud, who is now standing next to an alive Wendy and over the mortally wounded mercenary who was going to kill her. The sudden shift of momentum prompts the remaining mercs to attack. Preparing to shoot, they steady their weapons in the direction of their two opponents. But before the thugs and Rud can even think about activating their weaponry, Pan, using his blinding speed and advanced fighting techniques, quickly disarms and subdues the armed assailants. Pan then sprints towards Wendy, unties her and holds her in his arms. As they embrace he utters. ”I am sor...”
He is intercepted with the pressing of her finger against his lips as she softly whispers. ”Don't...”
Hesitantly interrupting their emotional reunion, Rud says to Pan,”I am the one who should be sorry...sorry for betraying you.”
Catching Rud's gaze, Pan replies. ”We are both at fault. This situation is the result of both of our mistakes. Now we must work together to right these wrongs.”
“I am in your debt and I will do all that it takes to regain your trust. I am honoured to work with you again my dear friend, that is... if you forgive me.”
Pan assures him. ”I do.”
Rud then utters. ”There is one more thing.”
What is it?”
Rud reveals to Pan his biggest regret of all. ”I also revealed the location of The Heart to Hook.” 
To be continued...
(Visit my DeviantArt Gallery for more short stories)

The Synopsis

For as long as he can remember his mission was to protect Earth and its most precious natural resource, its Heart. Whomever obtains the Heart of the Planet will gain powers beyond the measure of the cosmic scale. This is why Pan, along with his rag tag crew of adventurers, have dedicated their lives to protecting this ultimate treasure at all costs. But as Pan questions his life's purpose, falls in love, and is betrayed by one of his comrades, a new force rises and threatens the existence of the universe itself.

Note: This is a modernized retelling of Peter Pan and his adventures. It is based on J.M. Barrie's original tale which is now in the public domain.
(Rough Sketch of Pan below)

Thepan by NotADoormatAnymore

A short story I've written about Earth's protector and his battle to keep the world's most powerful resource from falling into the wrong hands. This is a modernized adaption of the classic tale of Peter Pan.
This piece includes a scene entitled "The Revelation" as well as a story synopsis and character artwork.
Visit my DeviantArt Gallery for more short stories.
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October 15, 2013
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